Welcome to Canine Karma, the dog behaviour experts

​Canine Karma specialises in dog behaviour and dog walking in and around the area of Hertfordshire and London.

How can Canine Karma help your beloved friend

​Dog Walking

​Here at Canine Karma we fulfill your dog mentally and physically, so that when they arrive home after one of walks, they are immensely content.


​We deal with everything from

  • Lead pulling
  • Dog aggression
  • Over excitement
  • Separation anxiety
  • ​and much more

​Many trainers focus on the dog and that’s fine but here at Canine Karma we focus on the owner and teach them how to deal with the unwanted behaviour once our trainer leaves.’


Canine karma offers a monthly pack walk, for any of our clients who have been trained by us. The walk takes place once a month, where we all get together and go for a nice long walk with all of our well behaved pooches. The walk will be overlooked by our head behaviour expert Oliver Seymour, where he will be around to give tips, suggestions and answer any questions you may have. It’s a great way for you and your canine to socialise and be around like minded people that you can share your dog stories with. ​Please note: We no longer offer this service. Contact us for alternatives