​About Canine Karma

Canine Karma is owned by Oliver Seymour, who has turned his lifetime passion for animals into a flourishing career helping owners and dogs in the UK.

Oliver began his life with a dream of wanting to be a professional footballer. While trying to reach that dream, Oliver tried his hand in many different jobs such as estate agency, floor fitting and green keeping.
Eventually Oliver made it to high level of semi professional football, but just didn’t feel it was right for him. After a few seasons he quit football totally and was lost for a while, before finding a video on YouTube, labelled the Dog Whisperer. Since then his passion for dog behaviour and psychology has spiralled out of control.

After endless hours watching videos, studying books, going to seminars, helping friends and family with their dogs, he joined Canine paradise, which is a dog centre in Hertfordshire that offers a Luxury dog hotel, doggy day care and grooming services.
Oliver started off as a dog handler at Canine Paradise and dealt with 20-30 dogs daily where his knowledge for dog behaviour quickly improved immensely, because he was being taught by the best teachers of all……. Dogs!

After a while the owners of Canine Paradise saw potential in Oliver and made him head behaviour expert for the whole company. From then he was extremely busy dealing with case after case of problem dogs and gained a 100% success rate with every dog and client he met.
After working at Canine Paradise for nearly 2 years and gaining an incredible amount of experience dealing with all types of dogs and owners, he decided to head out on his own and start Canine Karma.


​Starting Canine Karma

All of Oliver’s drive comes from his hero Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer), he has based his whole approach/relationship with dogs around Cesar’s.

In November 2016, Oliver was lucky enough to get the opportunity to fly to Miami and partake in Cesar Millan’s personal course :-The Fundamentals Of Dog Behaviour and Training 1. It was a 5 day course where you become a student of Cesar Millan and learn the foundations of dog phycology from the Dog Whisperer himself.

In November 2017, Oliver got another fantastic opportunity to enrol in Cesar’s second course, The Fundamentals of Dog Behaviour and Training 2. This course was a really intense 4-day workshop focusing on a real in depth look at dog behaviour but more importantly human behaviour. This course was taught by Cesar Millan and his head trainers and was located on his Dog Phycology Center in Santa Clarita. Oliver came away from this course with a completely different outlook on life and exclaimed it was ‘life changing for him’.

While gaining infinite amounts of knowledge about dog psychology, Oliver got on so well with one of Cesar Millan’s head trainer’s (Todd Langston), that he got invited back out to Florida to shadow Todd and help him with some exceptionally difficult dog cases, he took this opportunity in April 2017 where he spent a week out in Florida shadowing Todd, dealing with dogs which had extreme aggression all the way down to extreme fear.

Another opportunity Oliver got while on the course in Florida was to help Cesar Millan on his European tour ‘Once Upon A Dog’ 2017. The show was at Hammersmith Apollo and Oliver was asked to help backstage, handling dogs and helping the head dog handler and Cesar’s personal head trainer Colleen Steckloff who is the owner of LAk9s and one of Americas top dog behaviour experts.

During the show he was in close contact with Cesar, even finding himself having a drink with him and his crew at their hotel after the show. This for Oliver was a dream that turned into a reality.

Now Oliver is on a mission to help owners and dogs all across the UK, to reconnect with a foundation of trust and respect and really teach owners about dog psychology so they can better understand why their canine might present a specific behaviour and how to change it to something they desire. His ultimate goal is to become the UK’s answer to the dog whisperer.