Client 1 – Lenny was a highly excitable 2 year old black lab that had never really been trained on the leash, he would be pulling the owners arm off while walking down the street. He also didn’t know how to politely meet other dogs and would often get too excited and border on aggressive. After 2 sessions with Canine Karma, Lenny was walking in a pure follower state of mind and Phil’s arm isn’t getting yanked off anymore, he also knows to politely greet dogs when out on a walk without getting over excited. Phil (the owner) has done incredibly well working with Lenny creating a calm, balanced dog and is now a perfect example of how a pooch should be.

http://theftzapperfence.com/?makisf=baixar-lucy-ligar-gratis&3c5=be Testimony from the owner – “I had recently bought a beautiful black Labrador, 2 years old and it had never been trained to walk on a lead. He had also attacked various dogs as I was trying to train him on the lead.
I asked Oliver to help me with him.  After assessing Lenny at doggy day care, we made an appointment for a 2hr session with Oliver.

Within minutes Oliver had Lenny walking at his side perfectly. Then I was shown how to walk Lenny correctly. Oliver showed the problem was with me not the dog. As with the problem of attacking other dogs, this was also down to my fault. I was introducing the dogs in the wrong way. Oliver showed me how to allow the dogs to introduce themselves. Oliver not only showed me how to correct Lennys behaviour, but how to change my attitude (energy) towards Lenny, to get the correct actions.
I found this also showed me a fault in myself, which I am now trying to correct.

I have been incredibly impressed with Oliver’s knowledge and ability. He knew what the problems were and put them right whilst showing my faults as causing the problems in the first place. This could be tricky to put to a worried dog owner without causing frictions between them, but Oliver handled it professionally and we got on extremely well. I know I can phone Oliver for any advice on Lenny.”
Thanks for all your help
Phil Bembridge 

simba german shepherd


site de rencontre pour ado de 13 a 14 ans Client 2 – Simba was bought to us as a 7 month old German shepherd who just needed some rules, boundaries and limitations. Simba was a nightmare on the lead and had no real respect for anyone. After 2 sessions of teaching the family on how to gain the mutual respect from simba, he earned that respect is a two way street and is now a very happy go lucky dog who loves everyone and everything. His lead walking has improved vastly and pulling is very much a thing of the past. Great job from The family for keeping up the programme set out for them!

kieron dyer dating Testimony from the owner -” Dear Oliver,

I would like to thank you first because Simba is doing a lot better now and he listens a lot than before. Simba was quite energetic and was biting quite a lot, he also wouldn’t go for walks properly. However even after the first lesson we could tell that Simba was calming down and was walking properly. Oliver was extremely friendly, kind and very informative. he helped with every question and problem we had and stayed for as long as we needed him for the first session. he taught us how to walk Simba properly and become more of a leader figure, alongside this he also showed us how to nature him without being too lenient. After this short time simba has become the perfect household pet and seems happier than he was before! simba has completely transformed from his energetic, biting former self into a controlled and happy dog.” 

thanks, Kush Shah

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http://www.hedgeandstone.com.au/?miltos=rencontre-sherbrooke&033=ea Client 3 – Summer is a beautiful short haired German shepherd who got very excitable and anxious as she approached the park and pulled uncontrollably until she was let of the lead.

She also had a problem with men coming up and talking to the owner and would get very tense and growl even after the owner trying to stop her. Summer was great at obedience and tricks but only obeyed and didn’t behave.


http://www.ecoshelta.com/?kampys=opzioni-binarie-in-svizzera&965=a3 Testimony from the owner -“After the first session we could see improvement, she can approach the park in a nice calm manner, and will allow men to talk to me without growling, but if summer does growl, I correct her and she stops! All summer needed was for me to step up and take control of the situation and become that lead figure in summer’s life. Summer is still a work in progress but has come on leaps and bounds. Thanks Oliver.”

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http://heatherbestel.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1512704936.4642679691314697265625 Client 4 – Stephany contacted us with her 8 month old bull mastiff x American bulldog Marley. He is a bundle of joy that just enjoys life, but had no control on the lead; jumped up at everyone he saw and was starting to develop separation anxiety. After the first session marley was walking like a model canine citizen and being respectful of everyone and everything, the jumping was non existence after the first session.

Our next session was to focus on the separation anxiety and luckily it was mild so we could catch it before it got a lot worse. Stephany has done incredibly well with taking the lead with Marley and has really pursued in bringing Marley up in the proper manner and as Marley is big powerful dog with a bad image associated with breed, Stephaney deserves great credit for carrying on with our behaviour modification programme.

http://ecapguatemala.org.gt/poioe/797 Testimony from the owner “I seriously can’t thank Ollie enough, I would recommend him to every person I speak to about dogs! From the first session he taught me so much, he had my mad 8 month old extremely large, hard to control puppy walking next to my side without pulling in the first 20 minutes! He’s made me understand why my dog was not behaving and how to correct it straight away! I couldn’t have asked for a friendlier, dog loving person to of helped me, Ollie has a gift! Thanks for all your help.”

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Client 5 –Rory is a highly energetic Welsh Shepherd dog, Who’s instincts get the better of him when hes around traffic, he chases and lunges at cars and buses that pass by. After teaching Alison how to exercise Rory so hes tired enough to be able to correct and redirect his bad behavior we then set some guidelines and techniques Alison could use, and his behavior has improved 10 fold! He now joins us on our Canine Karma Walks and is a pleasure to see him everyday!

Testimony from the owner – “When I first met Oli from Canine Karma, I have to admit that I was not enjoying taking my one year old collie out for walks at all. He had a fairly common trait seen in some collies – that of a desperate need to jump in front of cars, but I had no idea how to control him and could never risk walking near a road. Somehow, Oli commanded immense respect from my dog within minutes and to my great surprise, had him walking near traffic within an hour, without pulling. I was astonished by the transformation. I seriously didn’t think it would be possible to achieve. Sadly I am not yet as proficient as Oli and still have some way to go with my own training but with his ongoing support and advice, I have so much more confidence walking my energetic dog now and am happy to lead walk him anywhere at last.

It is always difficult owning a dog and fitting in work, especially a very energetic dog who needs a great deal of exercise and training. Having met Oli and watched him work so efficiently with my one year old collie, I found out that he also took dogs out on morning walks. Well for my dog, these ‘walks’ are definitely more like exciting adventures!! You can see how excited he becomes as he waits eagerly for Oli to arrive, jumps happily into his car and enjoys every minute of his mornings exercise. He has such fun, socialises with other dogs, runs for miles, enjoys playing in the water, skateboarding and ball games. Personally I feel so happy when I know my precious dog is safely out with Oli having such a good time, keeping fit and returning home exhausted. What more could we ask for?

I can honestly say that Canine Karma i.e. Oli, has undoubtedly changed our lives for the better. Thank you


Client 6 – Buddy came to Canine Karma with her stunning Boxer x Staffy called Buddy. She had trouble with him meeting other dogs especially small over excited ones. Buddy was incredibly responsive and just needed some guidance and direction with how to react with them. Michalea has done incredibly well with his training and has really taken to learning the foundations of dog behavior. Buddy has come so far that now he comes on Canine Karma walks and features in a lot of pictures and videos that we produce, and in those pictures and videos buddy can be seen around 8-9 other dogs interacting with them with no problem at all. Great work from buddy and Michaela!

Testimony from the owner – I have had dogs for over 40 years but have found Oliver’s advise and guidance very useful when experiencing a recent issue with my dog. He is professional and polite at all times and really cares about the dogs he is dealing with.

My dog can’t wait for an Oliver walk and the things they get up to on the walk like skateboarding and back packing seems to have really given him a sense of purpose… and there’s also the fact that it’s usually a couple of hours at a time which really seems to get him settled for the day.

Oliver is a young man with a knowledge and interest in dogs which is admirable and Buddy and I wish him continued success and will be working with him again in the future…. as you have to keep practising!!!    M . Poust”


Rocky and Lola

Client 7 – Rocky We rescued Rocky in Sydney in 2011 from Sydney cats and dogs home after he was given up but his previous owners as they couldn’t deal with his high prey drive and aggression to other dogs. We instantly fell in love with Rocky and was our aim to give him as much as a life as possible. Rocky is as good as gold in the house, loving and affectionate and wonderful around children. However out and about he was anxious around other dogs, barking at them aggressively even if just walking past in the street. The noise he made was high pitched, he’d pull on the lead and was actually quite embarrassing. We have another border terrier Lola who we got from 12 weeks old and he loves her but his behaviour was affecting her life and ultimately ours on so many different levels.

Testimony from the owner – We tried other dog trainers, different methods, different leads but everyone said he was a lost cause. This year when we realised how much of effect it was having we found Oliver@Canine Karma and decided to give it one more solid effort for all of our sakes. 2 weeks’ worth of intensive training with Rocky and some serious rules Oliver started the previously unimaginable. Daily we received videos and texts of Rockys progress. Every day we were astounded at his progress. First walking next to dogs with a muzzle, all the way through to him playing off lead with other dogs at the end of the two weeks.

Oliver then took the time and effort to transfer the skills that we needed to progress with Rocky further, listening to what we needed and making sure we understood every element of Rockys care. We were given advice and guidance that we had previously never got anywhere else that has changed Rocky’s behaviour endlessly and enabled us to be better owners.

Rocky and Lola now go out with Oliver on pack walks once a week, where they come back completely exhausted and continue Rockys rehabilitation with socialising with other dogs.

We could have seriously never ever imagined the results that we have seen in Rocky and it has given him and us a completely new lease of life. He is a happier and calmer dog and we are happy owners who can again enjoy talking Rocky out. We could not recommend Oliver and Canine Karma with anymore enthusiasm and genuine gratefulness if we tried. He has a wealth of knowledge and a natural aptitude with dogs and is evidently so dedicated to all of his clients.

Thank you for all you have done and we look forward to many more days of exhausted happy Border Terriers!

Lucy, Kelly, Rocky and Lola”


Client 8 –I contacted Oliver regarding my 1 Year old Cocker Spaniel, Dug.  Although a delight in the house, Dug’s working instincts would kick in just past the front door and we were struggling with his pulling on a lead.  Dug immediately connected with Oliver and Oliver was able to support us to take control and give us useful techniques which has improved Dugs walking on a lead immensely, we also couldn’t get dug to come back to us at all when let off the lead, but Oliver again guided us through the process of tools and techniques we could use and now we have dug bombproof off lead.  If I have a question or needed help, Oliver was able to offer advice.


We have continued with Oliver’s services and Dug enjoys going on regular walks with Oliver & Ashley, where I get photos or videos text to me so I can see his progress – which makes my day!!   I trust Oliver with my dog and keys to my house and I would highly recommend Canine Karma to anyone – Thank you!!

Sarah, Siani & Dug



Client 9 –

Thank you so much for your help with Bailey today! Bailey was proclaiming his authority and getting quite out of hand on walks. He would pull so much my back would hurt, swerving from side to side, doing his own thing and totally ignoring our commands, along with several other things including jumping up. Well what can I say, from the moment you took bailey out he was walking right by your side, we couldn’t believe it, it was an incredible sight to see. Then when were all walking along and you dropped the lead and he was walking right beside you still, I was in awe! You taught us to give him structure to his walks, showed us how to properly hold a lead and what to do when he pulled or walked in front, how to keep him and us calm, as well as some recall, door greetings, and the start of getting him used to separation. You were very professional, friendly and knew your stuff! Thank you so much for all your help.

Samantha and Bailey (Maidenhead)


Client 10 – Oliver worked miracles with our bulldog Bertie. Berts would not walk along roads and was terrified of noises and traffic. Literally within minutes Oliver got Bertie out and taught us how to manage this problem.

Two months later, Bertie happily goes for his walks making family life a lot easier, we can’t believe he goes for walks now! We would highly recommend Oliver and his service. He is professional, punctual and has an unbelievable understanding of dogs. We feel truly grateful to him and can’t thanks him enough for his services.


Paul. Gill and Bertie (Southgate



Client 11

We have a lovely toy poodle called Mia who is a bundle of joy, but every time the doorbell went, or she met other dogs on the walk she would become out of control! Thanks to Oliver we now have a much calmer Mia.

I would recommend Oliver to everyone as he has an incredible way with dogs that I’ve never seen before, Mia also goes on Oliver’s walk and loves it with him and all the other dogs. Oliver you have a real gift and we can thank you enough!

Kim and Mia  (Elstree)




Client 12 –

I didn’t know what to expect when I asked Oliver to come and help me with my dog, Paddington. We had problems with pulling on the lead and trying to escape the house at every opportunity! As soon as Oliver arrived, Paddington gave him real respect! I could see straight away that I’d done the right thing! Oliver helped me understand why Paddington was behaving the way he was on the lead and he gave me masses of information that helped. He took Paddington out for a walk for 10 minutes and as soon as I saw them walk up the drive, I could tell that he was in charge, not the dog!  When they came back, it was my turn. All the strategies Oliver had taught me worked! Paddington