​Dog Walking

​This is the time where the dogs can really release all of their physical energy on Canine Karma walks. Our walks are very structured but this window is for them to just run till their hearts content. Even though this section of the walk is all excitement for them I still ask them for silence, calm and attentiveness before we throw the ball, small things like this can go a long way in gaining that mutual respect aspect we strive for in dogs.

One of our busiest walks yet at Canine Karma. 9 dogs all off leash and getting along.... who would of thought!

We take any breed and any size

Canine karma offers a dog walking service like no other, we not only physically exercise your dog but we exercise the mind as well. We will take your dog for a 2 hour hike where we will skateboard, bike and run with them, so when they come home you can be sure all their excess energy is gone and they are totally fulfilled.

Our walks happen from Monday to Friday in the morning. We take all size dogs from Great Danes to Pomeranians, all dogs will have the full 2 hours but we won’t put anywhere near as much physical pressure such as biking, skateboarding or backpacks on the smaller dogs, but all still get the same great fulfilment. All the dogs we take on our walks are under great control from our walker, we get many looks from people because they see 9-10 dogs off leash all walking behind the walker as a pack with no fights or dogs running off. we guarantee any new dog that comes regularly on canine karma walks will be able to achieve this level of attentiveness.

A bonus to our dog walking service is that not only will your dog be well and truly looked after, but they will be walked by our head behaviour expert Oliver Seymour, so as well as getting the walk they will also be trained at the same time! So you have peace of mind that your dog will be safe and in very capable hands, as Oliver has an extensive knowledge about dog behaviour and has worked with all sorts of breeds and problem dogs. We will also take on any difficult dogs that can’t be walked or can’t go to doggy day care.

So any of those dogs that pull you arm off walking down the street or can’t be around other dogs will soon be trained out of that with Canine Karma Walks.

​We no longer offer this service, call for alternatives